(hy·dra /ˈhīdrə/.
Hydra, (Latin: “Water Snake”) constellation in the southern sky
that stretches from 8 to 15 hours right ascension and from about
5° north to 30° south in declination. It is the largest of the constellations.
Its brightest star is Alphard (from the Arabic for “the solitary one”),
with a magnitude of 2.

THE HYDRA SUP is the go to board in the range for SUP foiling in the surf. The compact shape offers amazing manoeuvrability whilst keeping enough volume to get you in and up on the foil. The square shape is great for tracking and paddleability, getting you foiling with the least possible effort.

Unique hand made construction that incorporates the amazing strength and durability that suns is renowned for. Crafted in ‘suns original’ four colour options. Guaranteed long lasting colour and good times in the surf.


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DIMS (Slide Right)


Length Width Thickness Volume Fins system
5’4″ 27 1/2″ 3 15/16″ 83.5L Twin Foil Boxes
5’10” 27 1/2″ 4 1/16″ 95.2L Twin Foil Boxes
6’0″ 27 3/4″ 4 1/8″ 100.3L Twin Foil Boxes
6’3″ 28 1/2″ 4 7/16″ 115.1L Twin Foil Boxes
6’6″ 30″ 4 5/8″ 131.1L Twin Foil Boxes
6’11” 31″ 4 7/8″ 150.5L  Twin Foil Boxes
7’3″ 33″ 4 13/16″ 167L  Twin Foil Boxes

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