The Polaris is a traditional longboard designed to take you to the nose and back with ease. This board really is a nose riding machine with 60/40 rails and a defined concave in the nose for additional lift this board is made to stay north. Predominately designed for waves knee to head high, this beast can handle a large range of conditions. A super stable board to learn to surf on, but also a must have for  an experienced longboard purest, this board covers all levels of abilities.  


Jump on The Polaris and see what the renewed generation of longboarding has to offer with style and grace.

Longboard Polaris Green

  • Our surfboard manufacture will mostly operate according to customer’s order within 2-4 weeks. However, it also depends on the amount of orders. For made surfboards available in out factory, we will enquire time length of delivery and inform the customer as soon as possible.


    For the surfboard customization including changing colors and patterns as well as signing names, extra charge will be applied. Please advise our team in advance