From traditional to performance designs, our suns range has something for everyone and all abilities. Longboards that hold up in a range of conditions,
which are super stable for entry level surfers, but also some must have shapes for an experienced longboarder. See what the renewed generation of longboarding has to offer with style and grace.

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Our shortboards are designed to suit all levels of riders who are looking to take their surfing up a notch, from casual to advanced these boards cover all the bases.

Forgiving boards, but don’t let that fool you, these rockets work from knee high to double overhead, still holding in on some really critical sections. Improve your rail game, get pitted and take your surfing to a new level.

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For riders wanting a little more length to get additional paddle power for critical waves, but do not want the additional size associated with a longboard. Our range of stylish midlengths pack in fun and performance.

With straight outlines and aggressive hip/flyers these boards will fly down the line, but still pull a tight arc when you stomp on the tail. Designed to suit all levels of riders from casual to advanced, these shapes will draw stylish lines in a variety of waves, ranging from knee high to double overhead.

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